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Paragon Building

SHOW Circus Studio is located on the third floor of the Paragon Arts and Industry building in Easthampton, MA. Located in the center of Easthampton's revival district. The Paragon Arts and Industry Building offers loft and ground floor spaces for artists, businesses and industry. Formerly The building takes part in the monthly Art Walk Easthampton where local artists and businesses open their doors to the public to showcase new works and products.

About Easthampton
Easthampton was originally settled as a farming village and grew to be prosperous due to both its location and the industriousness of the local population. Water power played a large part in the development of Easthampton, and by the the late 1800's numerous manufacturers were taking advantage of the power that came from the mill ponds and rivers. In the 1970's and 80's, many manufacturers moved to the southern states and overseas, and the once bustling mill buildings stood vacant.

However, Easthampton has once again been discovered and many of the industrial spaces now contain thriving businesses, artists, startups, restaurants, retail and even government agencies! Easthampton is now looking toward the future, with substantial and ongoing investment in the buildings, infrastructure and environment.

SHOW Circus Studio is a 2500 sq ft suite on the third floor of the Paragon Arts and Industry building in Easthampton, MA. The studio consists of the Minimus Room (1000 sq ft) and the Maximus Room (1500 sq ft). SHOW is equipped with the following amenities:

  1. Waiting Room and Front Desk Area

  2. Wood Floors (Minimus Room)

  3. Gymnastic flooring and carpeting (Maximus Room)

  4. 15’ Ceilings

  5. Full Changing Room

  6. Circus Cam (Parent Viewing Screen) in Waiting Room (for all rooms)

  7. Free Wireless Internet (Posted on Bulletin Board)

  8. Air Conditioners (Both Rooms)

  9. Hot and Cold Filtered Water and Cups

  10. Waiting Room Circus Books, Magazines and Toys

  11. Cubbies for Shoes and Belongings

  12. Coat Racks

  13. CD/iPod Players (Both Rooms)

  14. Circus Book and Video Library (Available for Loan)

  15. Student Signature Wall

  16. Full Mirrors (Maximus Room)

Students who come to the studio will have access to the following training/circus apparatus:

  1. Aerial Equipment (Fabric, Trapeze, Lyra, Spanish Web)

  2. 2 Free Standing Tight Wire

  3. Landing Mats (Various Thicknesses)

  4. Panel Mats (Various Thicknesses)

  5. Rolling Globes

  6. Rolla Bolla

  7. Juggling Equipment (Scarves, Balls, Rings, Clubs, Diabolo, Devil Sticks, Spinning Plates)

  8. Stilts

  9. Unicycles

  10. Training Props (Yoga blocks, therabands, weighted items, straps, stability balls)


Our current rigging structure consists of stainless steel eyebolts secured in the original, thick wooden beam structure of the building. We use two of these points, various sized rock climbing slings and stainless steel carabiners to create one riggable apparatus point. Each sling is covered with rubber tubing to resist wear from the beams. We fly away each apparatus with durable weight bearing rope and professional rock climbing carabiners. Our rigging is checked weekly to ensure the safety and durability of each point.

We are currently switching our rigging over to a more durable and longer lasting chain and shackle system. More information will be posted about this new system shortly.

Photographs of our facility will be posted shortly.

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