Optimizing Movement for Performance Enhancement

A special private lesson series with Mike Denton.
Private Lesson Series Requirements
Must sign up for 2, 1-hour lessons (Saturday/Sunday). Subsequent lessons can be scheduled individually. No refunds once scheduled.
$120 for the first two lessons and $60 for each additional lesson.
Dates Available
February 17 & 18
March 17 & 18
April 21 & 22
Times Available
Saturdays: 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
Sundays: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm


Why optimize movement? What does optimizing movement mean?

One of the amazing things about your body is its remarkable ability to adapt. Circus arts ask your body to do some pretty amazing things and quite often, your body will choose the most efficient way to do them.

However, efficient doesn't always mean optimal.

If certain muscles are not strong enough or you are lacking sufficient joint mobility or stability, your body will compensate in some way in order to perform a given skill or movement.

When your body develops a less-than-optimal compensatory pattern, it often means that your joints, muscles, ligaments or tendons end up being stressed more than necessary. Over time, this can result in injury.

Injuries mean time away from circus.

This program is designed to optimize how your body moves to help you on your way to achieving your circus goals.

We will:
  • Discuss your personal health and training history and your circus goals with you.
  • Take you through a full-body movement screen and assessment of your functional ranges of motion to see if the right muscles are working (and the wrong ones aren't) and if the right joints are moving (and the right ones are stable) when they need to be. (First Lesson)
  • Develop an individualized warm-up plan that will prime your body's mobility and stability prior to each training session (Second Lesson)
  • Additional lessons can be used to check in on progress, work with new issues, or learn new exercises to help support your program.

About Mike Denton

There was a time when Mike was just another Canadian living in your midst. But then he took a swing on the flying trapeze and it all changed. Mike spent the better part of the last eight years teaching, managing and training at Trapeze School New York's Boston location. During a flying trapeze show in 2010, Mike suffered a rather nasty shoulder injury. Ordinarily, six months of rehab should have had him back in the air. But things got complicated and he no longer flies through the air with the greatest of ease. It was during this time that Mike developed an interest (some might call it an obsession) in learning how the very best athletes and performers in the world keep their shoulders performing at a high level.
Mike has over 20 years of experience as a coach, teacher, and physical educator. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Certified Functional Strength Coach through world-renowned Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning. He's certified in the Functional Movement Screen and has studied Shoulder Assessment and Evaluation with physical therapist Mike Reinold.
Mike posts lengthy ramblings on being strong for circus at www.getcircusstrong.com

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