Circus Explorers (Ages 1.5-3)

Start your child on the path to fun and adventure with Circus Explorers! This youth circus class allows parents and tots to explore circus together in a safe and fun environment. Class primarily focuses on circus play through the use of aerials, juggling equipment, balancing skills, games and partner acrobatics to help parents and children make meaningful connections while increasing basic motor and communication skills.

A basic class consists of an obstacle course warm up, skill/game development and aerial exploration at the end. Parents are required to join in on the class and work with their child to ensure a fun and engaging experience for their toddler. Topics covered in class include beginning partner acrobatics, tightwire, rolla bola, rolling globe, large object juggling, scarves, fabric play, introduction to tumbling skills, games, trapeze and more!

Circus Explorers also prepares students to join our Adventures in Circus Class (Ages 4-6) by building their social and class etiquette skills. Lots of fun for students and parents! One of our most popular classes.

For children looking to learn something new and exciting, the circus is a non-competitive, artistic, fun and safe discipline! All classes at SHOW focus on vocabulary retention, interpersonal life skills, and having fun in a safe environment. Circus is a great way to increase self-esteem, have fun, get in shape, improve focus and learn skills that will translate into every aspect of your child’s life. Circus for Fun, Circus for Life.

Excited kid in a purple leotard at SHOW Circus Studio in Easthampton, Massachusetts