Open Studio

Show Circus Open Studios

Open to current session students, ages 16+.
Open studios are for current session and private lesson students only.
Open studio is an open practice time for students to work on material they have already learned in class. There is no instruction or spotting. Introductory level adult students in classes with us should be cleared by their teacher before signing up. Students are expected to fly their own apparatuses in and out, as well as clean any equipment used.

Currently, High Traffic open studios happen during times when there are already two classes in the studio, whereas low traffic open studios happen during single class periods or off hours. To enroll, please click on the category of open studio you are interested in. Then follow the instructions on the page to enroll.

Please contact the office at if:

  • You would like to make up for a missed class by attending an open studio
  • You have any special requests, such as using your own apparatus
  • You would like any help with registration
  • You are not a current SHOW student but are interested in whether it is possible for you to attend Open Studio

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