Payment Plans and Scholarships

2024 Scholarships and Payment Plans

At SHOW, we are very happy to offer both need-based scholarships and scholarships for students who identify as BIPOC. We encourage you to apply for both programs, if both are appropriate for you! You can find more information and apply at the links below.

BIPOC Camp Scholarship Applications are due by March 31st!

We are incredibly grateful for all of the enthusiastic participation we have received in our BIPOC Scholarship Program! We would love to open up more scholarships so that we can shorten our waitlist of applicants. If you’d like to contribute to the Racial Justice Fund to support more scholarships, please Venmo @showcircusstudio and put “RJF” in the notes.

Please read below carefully to decide if a payment plan is right for you!

How does the SHOW Payment Plan work for Session Classes?

+ There is no extra charge to set up a Payment Plan. We welcome all clients who would like to use a Payment Plan. To set one up, please contact our office. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

+ A Pike 13 account is required to enroll in classes and a payment plan. If you haven’t made one already, please create an account with us.

+ Your Pike 13 account must have a credit card on file. Please add one to your file under Payment Methods.

+ To do a payment plan, 50% of tuition is required to enroll in a class.

+ The other 50% of the class cost will be charged to your card at the halfway point of the Session. A later date for the second charge can be arranged on request.

+ Please note: Pike 13 does not keep track of negative account balances. We’ll keep track of your account balance at the studio. All questions about your balance must be made directly to the office manager at

+ Payment plans will only be canceled if the studio receives a medical excuse for not being able to attend future classes. Schedule changes, inability to pay, and deciding not to take the class does not release you from the second half of the payment plan.

Where do I get a Payment Plan?

A payment plan cannot be set up by the client. It must be set up by SHOW. Email, call, or visit our office to set up a payment plan.

Studio Phone: (413) 527-6901

Studio Email:

All emails, calls, and voicemails will only be answered during office hours. There are no office hours on Sundays.