Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Personalized attention for maximum results

SHOW offers private circus lessons for new and returning students of all levels and ages! Private lessons are customizable in regard to duration, apparatus and frequency.

Are you looking to take your circus skills to the next level? Or maybe you want one-on-one coaching to help you achieve your goals? At SHOW Circus Studio, we offer private lessons for new and returning students of all ages and levels.

With private lessons, you’ll get personalized attention and coaching from our experienced instructors. We’ll work with you to create a customized lesson plan that fits your goals, interests, and schedule. Whether you want to focus on a specific apparatus, improve your technique, or prepare for a performance, we’ll help you get there.

Private lessons are available in a variety of durations and frequencies, so you can choose the option that works best for you. And with our flexible scheduling, we can work around your busy schedule to make sure you get the instruction you need.

To request a private lesson, email

Private Lesson Rates:
1 person, 30 minutes: $45
1 person, 45 minutes: $65
1 person, 60 minutes: $75
1 person, 90 minutes: $115
1 person, 120 minutes: $140
2 people, 45 minutes: $40/person
2 people, 60 minutes: $45/person
2 people, 90 minutes: $50/person
2 people, 120 minutes: $75/person
3 people, 60 minutes: $40/person
4 people, 60 minutes: $35/person
5 people, 60 minutes: $30/person

Private lesson students must adhere to all policies and procedures listed in this document.

Ready to take your circus skills to the next level?

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