SHOW Reopening Policies

SHOW Circus Studio COVID-19 Transmission Mitigation Policies & Procedures

  • Maximum of 3-4 students per class. Maximum capacity for the entire studio 12.
  • All classes are 1 hour maximum.
  • There are 30min breaks between classes to allow increased time for sterilizing and rigging and to avoid student congestion and cross traffic.
  • Only students and staff are allowed to enter the studio and waiting room. We ask that family members and friends do not wait in the hallway either.
  • Windows and doors are kept open, and fans used to maximize ventilation.
  • No physical spotting.
  • All classes possible will be held outside, and for classes held inside the studio some activities may also take place outdoors.
  • All mats and equipment sterilized by staff in between each use.
  • Returning adults students only, except for flexibility, conditioning classes and juggling classes.
  • Only returning youth students previously in levels 301+ except for private lessons.
  • All students and staff must wear face masks, regardless of age, activity, or environment (both indoors and outside). Ear loop or breakaway style masks only allowed. No tie-on masks. Masks must cover both nose and mouth and fit closely to the face. Masks are available from the SHOW office on a donation basis.
  • Masks may only be removed to drink water, while maintaining a minimum of 8ft social distance. No eating allowed in the studio or waiting room, or during class.
  • Anyone entering the studio must fill out the Assumption of Risk/Health Disclosure before entering.
  • Anyone who enters the studio must wash their hands in the bathroom or hallway sink on arrival before entering the studio and after departure.
  • Anyone who enters the studio must have their temperature taken in the waiting room before entering the studio. Anyone with a temperature reading over 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to enter the studio or participate and their class fee will be refunded.
  • Social distancing of 6ft is required. Apparatuses will be 14ft apart.
  • Students will have their own personal class activity area.
  • Personal belongings will be kept at the student’s personal class activity area.
  • Movement through the space is one-way to ensure social distancing. Entry is through the waiting room into the studio, exit is through the hallway. Doors will be propped open to reduce touch points.

Aerial-Specific Policies:

  • No sharing of aerial apparatuses or any other equipment, unless between students who live together or are in the same ‘bubble’. Each student will have an assigned apparatus for the entire class.
  • Each aerial student will have their own landing mat underneath their apparatus, and their own panel mat for stretching and warm-up.
  • Lyras and trapezes will be un-taped, to allow them to be properly sterilized between uses.
  • All rigging (including flying equipment in and away) will be done by staff members.

In the case of failure to adhere to these policies: first, staff will issue a verbal reminder. If the person does not immediately comply, they will be asked to leave by staff. Henry will be available to carry out this step, if necessary. No refunds are given if a student is asked to leave because of non-compliance with safety policies.