My teenage children have been attending classes at SHOW since they opened 8 years ago. The owners, Chris and Henry, have played pivotal roles in their growth and development as athletes, performers, and people. They have created an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and safe. They have classes for people of all ages and abilities

Isaac Bromberg

I love taking classes at SHOW! I even convinced one of my students to sign up!

My 5-year-old loves the combination of physical skill and imagination that the circus class teaches–and she adores her fun, creative teachers!


Thank you for a great time! The Birthday Party was such a lot of fun. All the kids were saying they wanted to have their party there. The mothers in attendance also loved the studio space and had a great time watching their child participate in the Circus Fun.

I especially wanted to comment on what a great job [both instructors] did with the kids! The way they explained all of the activities was done in such a fun upbeat way all the kids were able to pull off the activity regardless of their ability. They were both so wonderful and kind.

I am a long standing Early Childhood Educator, and I endorse this studio! My young kiddo took classes here after a disastrous dance class experience elsewhere. The teaching staff were positive, patient, and skilled at balancing making kids feel successful and helping them to broaden their comfort zone. Plus, the end of class performances at Show are a million times better than those 3 hour long dance recitals with expensive ‘toddlers and tiaras’ costumes, mandatory make up on three year olds, and no supervision backstage. Bring your littles here! You can’t go wrong!


We do the toddler classes, have been in them from 18 months to 3.5 years. The teachers are exceptional and my child has gained so much confidence. I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve also enjoyed the circus sketch labs.

The facility is also extremely LGBT+ friendly (even the T part, genuinely.)

Michelle “Stormslegacy” Vigeant

I always strive to find places that make fitness fun, and SHOW is at the top of my list for a truly enjoyable and challenging workout! I have always been fascinated by circus arts and when SHOW came to town I couldn’t resist. I started with aerial yoga and I was instantly hooked and I am now also taking aerial silks. Every single instructor is incredible and they all have such a respect for each client, their individual level, needs and most importantly, their safety. Every class I push myself further than I expect, but all with proper instruction on identifying personal limits.

Mary Bowen

Good people, great circus. Students of every age and gender variation, very supportive and responsive staff.

Bowden Cable

A safe friendly space to learn circus as a child or adult! With positive, knowledgeable coaches. If you are new to circus, this is a great way to start!

Ariana Ferber-Carter

You guys were AMAZING yesterday. You were my favorite part of the show. I look forward to attending more of your performances.

Show circus studio is an awesome place for kids teens and adults!

Ashton M.L

Warm, inclusive, fun, and safe. We love coming to SHOW!!

Rachel Matz

SHOW makes the impossible possible. The studio is welcoming and cheerful and the people I’ve met are truly inspiring.

I had so much fun doing arial yoga!

Melanie Marshall

I saw other people doing circus and was in awe of what they could do. Now I’m learning to do just that, and am inspired by the instructors and people who train at SHOW.

When our kids talk about circus class to their friends, they’re faces just light up. They spout things like: Trapeze! Mermaid! Cocoon! Rola-bola-thingy! Plates! They’re learning a new language- not just for speaking- but in their movement too. It’s tremendous.

My daughter started going here in the beginning of the summer. She absolutely loves it. Margaret does a great job with the little kids and my daughter looks forward to seeing her every week!

Lisa Pepe

Discovering SHOW has been one of the best things to happen to me in a very long time.

Circus is fun and jazzy and happening. It’s for kids and grown-ups too!

The family that can balance, spot and support each other for partner acrobatics has faith in each other in other situations too. And the family that practices headstands and pratfalls certainly knows how to laugh together.

As a coach, I love teaching at SHOW. They are friendly, well organized and my students are awesome!

The class options are fun and interesting, and I didn’t feel like I had to be on a track to join the circus to be able to participate and have fun. I was looking for a fun, different, interesting way to exercise and it was all of those things.

I’m so happy to have found such a fun place to get into better shape! Everyone is so nice and it’s just been a whole lot of fun! Thanks for all you do!

Amazing instructors and friendly students!

Kris Dorsey

I haven’t had a bad experience at SHOW ever. All of the instructors are super kind and patient. They accept all skill and fitness level (that I’m aware of) and you always leave feeling as though you’re learning and accomplishing new skills. I’d recommend to anyone interested in trying anything circus!

Alysha de Silva